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MOTIV Street Wheels are single piece cast alloys wheels, with a sharp and elegant design yet still features aggressive styling cues and great value. Built with rigorous quality standards for strength, dependability and an unmistakable appearance.

(22" & 24")
Starting at: $339 or $26/mo.

(22" & 24")
Starting at: $368 or $31/mo.

(20" & 22")
Starting at: $238 or $21/mo.

(16", 17", 18" & 20")
Starting at: $140 or $17/mo.

(17", 18" & 20")
Starting at: $238 or $21/mo.

(16", 17" & 18")
Starting at: $150 or $18/mo.

(16", 17" & 18")
Starting at: $150 or $18/mo.

(16", 17", 18", 20" & 22")
Starting at: $150 or $18/mo.

(16", 17" & 18")
Starting at: $150 or $18/mo.

(17", 18" & 20")
Starting at: $150 or $18/mo.

(17", 18", 20" & 22")
Starting at: $150 or $18/mo.




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How is each series in the MOTIV® brand manufactured and designed?

Designed with a stance and boldness like no other, the 439 Command is designed with 5 wide spokes with a center indented line to allow the wheel to capture the light and give the ultimate luxurious appeal when rolling down the streets. The 439 Command comes in 2 premium finishes: Gloss black and Chrome.

motiv 438 swerve

The 438 Swerve is designed for those looking to make a statement on the road. It features 32 sweeping spokes that give the wheel a high-end and premium appearance. The 438 comes in 2 premium finishes: Gloss Black and Chrome.

Motiv 437 Maven Rim

The 437 features an angular mesh and Y-spoke hybrid design perfect for adding a refined and streamlined look to any car or SUV. The low-profile cover cap hides the lugs for a super clean look and is rounded out with our Motiv Street logo. The 437 Maven comes in three premium finishes: Black, Machined Black, and Chrome.

Motiv 436 Margin Rim

Created to be unlike any other wheel we have designed before, the 436 Margin features a luxurious flared 12 spoke design. Its spokes go past the outer lip adding to an aggressive profile and look even better while moving. It is available in both Black with our Gloss Clear Coat and Chrome with superior protection.

Motiv 435 Foil Rim

The 435 Foil features a classic 7 spoke mesh design that extends to the edge of the rim with a sporty and refined look perfect for any vehicle. This wheel also includes a low-profile center cap with our Motiv Street logo. The 435 comes in 3 premium finishes; Black, Gunmetal, and Machined Black, all protected by our Gloss Clear Coat.

Motive 434 Matic Rim

The Matic features a classic split 5 spoke design with a race-inspired twist, bringing a sporty feel to sedans, coupes, or small SUV’s. Made from industry-leading A356 Aluminum Alloy, the 434 is stronger, lighter, and more resistant to corrosion than regular aluminum alloys. This wheel is available in two of our sleekest high-performance finishes: Black and Machined Black.

Motiv 433 Blade Rim

The 433 Blade is the perfect option for adding a sporty yet mature look to any car or SUV. The Blade gets its name from its sleek and aerodynamic profile and classic 5 spoke design. This refined wheel comes in three finishes: Black, Silver Machined, and Machined Black.

Motiv 432 Chrome Rigor Rim

The 432 Rigor was developed to have a simple, yet clean design that will look great on any car and SUV. With its sleek straight 7 spoke design and low-profile center cap this modern wheel is meant to add streamlined luxury to your vehicle. The 432’s strong yet lightweight construction ensures this wheel looks great and performs even better.

MOTIV 431 Elicit Rim

The Elicit elevates your car and SUV with sleek and modern styling cues. The 431’s super clean 9 spoke design is the perfect choice for any vehicle ranging from a small coupe to a full-size luxury car. This lightweight and stylish wheel is available in Black and Machined Black finishes with our Gloss Clear Coat for added protection.

Motiv 430 Maestro Rim

The Maestro was named for its mastery of details and classy appearance meant to add luxury to any vehicle. It features an exceptionally daring hybrid directional mesh weaved 10 spoke design. The 430 is equipped with ultra premium undercut inner spoke ends that hover masterfully over the low-profile center cap. This striking wheel is available in Black and Machined Black with our Gloss Clear Coat and Chrome for the ultimate appearance and protection.

Motiv 429 Graphite Align Rim

The 429 Align features a classy and clean directional dual 10 spoke mesh design that adds an ultra premium look to any car and SUV. Each wheel comes equipped with a low-profile center cap with the Motiv Street logo that is pure class. The Align is available in Gloss Black, Gloss Anthracite, and Chrome.